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APPSC examination are classified into groups based on Positions as Group I, Group II, Group III etc. Candidates who are interested for Andhra Pradesh(AP) Govt Jobs can apply for APPSC Groups by checking the vacancies in different department of Government of Andhra Pradesh.



APPSC Examination Group 1 Paper  Section 2

Section 3:General overview of the Indian Constitution.

1.Nature of the Constitution – constitutional developments – salient features – Preamble – Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy and their relationship – Fundamental Duties, Distinctive features of Indian Federation.

2Distribution of Legislative Powers between the Union and the State; Administrative and Financial relations between the Union and the States – Powers and the functions of Constitutional Bodies

3Unicameral and Bicameral Legislatures – Functions and crises of accountability, decline of legislature – Delegated Legislation – Legislative and Judicial control over the delegated legislation – Judicial review of administrative action.

4Amendment of the Constitution – Basic Structure Theory – Emergency Provisions and De-centralization – Community development experiment – 3 tier model of Panchayat Raj – 73rd and 74th amendments and their implementation

5.Welfare Mechanism in India: Provisions for scheduled castes, Tribes and Minorities; Reservations for SC, ST and Backward classes; Prevention of SC and ST Atrocities Act; National and State SC and ST Commission; Women’s Commission; National and State Minorities Commission and Human Rights Commission.

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APPSC Examination Group 1 Paper  Section 1

APPSC Examination Group 1 Paper  Section 2


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