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English Grammar Tenses Test 2

English grammar tricks

There are two tenses in English – past and present.The present tenses in English are used:

  • to talk about the present
  • to talk about the future

to talk about the past when we are telling a story in spoken English or when we are summarising a book, film, play etc.

There are four present tense forms in English:

Tense Form
Present simple: I work
Present continuous: I am working
Present perfect: I have worked
Present perfect continuous: I have been working


We use these forms:

  • to talk about thepresent:

He works at Software compare. He has worked there for three months now.
He is working at Software Company. He has been working there for three months now.
London is the capital of Britain.

  • to talk about thefuture:

Next bus leaves at night 20:00 Hrs
I’ll text/call/phone you when I get home.
He’s meeting Ralph in city this evening.
I’ll come home as soon as I have finished work.
I think you will be tired that as you have been working all day

  • We can use the present tenses to talk about the past

English tenses

1.My trousers _______– getting too small  round the waist.

a.are     b.is    c.was   d.been


2.Thirty rupees _________not much for all the trouble we have taken.

a.is   b.are   c.were   d.have been


3.Some of them are standing ; see that all the audience________ seated.

a.are    b.is    c.were    d.are being


4.My scissors _________ lost.

a.are     b.is    c.was    d.none


5.There _______________ to be many differences between the two parties.

a.seem     b.seems    c.seemed     d.none


6.The prime Minister with the minister for external affairs and the minister for  finance,___________ for America.

a.has left   b.have left c.are leaving    d.none


7.If I had seen it I ____ you about it

a.had told    b.will tell   c.would have told    d.none


8.My father ________ fifty years old last Sunday.

a.is   b.was  c.has been   d.will be


9.The meeting _____ at 5.30

a.has begun   b.began  c.begun   d.had begun


10.The sun ______ during the day

a.shine   b.shines   c.is shine d.is shinig


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