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English grammar tenses Test -1


1.If I were  a millionairs ,I ________ genrously to good causes.

a.would have given   b.would give c.had given   d.have given


2.If she had studied harder, she ________ in the first division

a.had passed   b.would pass c.would have passed d.have been passed


3.I _________ her rudeness, if I had been you

a.should not tolerate  b.should not have tolerated  c.had not tolerated d.haven’t tolerated


4.If he had all the wealth in the world he _______ happy.

a.will not be  b.would not be c.would not have been   d.none


5.If he had been more careful ,the accident ________

a.had not happened b.would not happen  c.would not have happend d.had not been  happenwed


6.If you were the prime minister, you _______ in delhi.

a.will live b.would live  c.would have lived d.had lived


7.had I saved money I ________ a new car

a.will purchase b.would purchase c.would have purchased d.had purchased


8.I would have helped you if you ___________me to.

a.had asked b.would ask  c.would have asked d.asked


9.I ______ lunch if I had not been in such a hurry.

a.would have  b.would have had c.will have   d.have had


10.If you _____ me about it I should never have known the facts.

a.did not tell b.had not toldc.would not have told d.none


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